2005-14 Ford Mustang Tokico D-Spec Shock & Strut Suspension Kit

Mustang Tokico D-Spec Shock & Strut Suspension Kit (05-14)

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Mustang Tokico D-Spec Shock & Strut Suspension Kit (05-14)

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Product Description

This is a Tokico D-Spec shock and strut kit for your 2005-2014 Ford Mustang V6 & GT. This is the perfect answer to having a fully adjustable shock and strut suspension setup. Tokico’s D-Spec series adjustable shock is a multi-use product that is the result of sophisticated piston and valving design. In addition, it utilizes a unique variable-aperture bypass, which is controlled by an adjustable slide valve.

D-Spec (damping specific) adjustments change both rebound and compression damping simultaneously. Between maximum soft and hard settings, the D-Spec is infinitely adjustable.

If you are installing the struts from this kit on a 2011-14 Mustang V6 or GT you must use the Ford Racing 2011 GT500 Style Strut Mounts.

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About This Brand

Tokico is a leading manufacturer of Mustang shocks and struts and has been manufacturing other quality components for over 50 years. Tokico also supplied Ford with the original equipment shocks on the Bullitt and Mach 1 Mustangs for a better suspension. Whether you need the famous Tokico Blue Shock, HP series, 5 way adjustable, Illumina, or the D-spec shocks, we have you covered!

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