Trick Flow Track Heat 185cc Small Block Ford by Trick Flow

Trick Flow Track Heat 185cc Small Block Ford

We no longer carry the Trick Flow Track Heat 185cc Small Block Ford.
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Trick Flow Track Heat 185cc Small Block Ford

Wanting to add a serious gain in horse power under the hood of your 5.0L/5.8L Mustang? Look no farther than these Trick Flow Specialties Cylinder Heads!

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We no longer carry the Trick Flow Track Heat 185cc Small Block Ford.
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Product Description

Trick Flow Track Heat 185CC cylinder heads have always been one of the most popular heads for your Mustang. Unfortunately Trick Flow has discontinued this head and is working on a new model that will bring even more power and efficiency to the market. Stay tuned to and check out all of our recommended cylinder heads above. We offer a full line of performance heads and accessories to get your Mustang down he track faster!

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About This Brand

Trick Flow
Trick Flow - Serious Horsepower
Horsepower doesn't happen by accident. It takes time, skill, and the right combination of parts to allow your engine to produce optimum power levels.

Trick Flow engineers use advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) work stations and high-tech 3D modeling to develop and analyze components quickly and accurately. Trick Flow machinists use state-of-the-art rapid physical prototyping, CNC-machining centers, and hot rodding know-how to turn designs into molds and foundry tooling.

Prototypes and products are subjected to hours of relentless testing on one of Trick Flow's dynamometers, and extensive road and race track data is gathered to guarantee parts perform as intended. Trick Flow's commitment to quality combined with a "zero defects" attitude ensures Trick Flow products will exceed your expectations.

From Lightning cylinder heads to Mustang camshafts, pistons to intake manifolds, Trick Flow is committed to making products that are designed and engineered to deliver power!

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