1986-93 Ford Mustang 5.0L Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers Brushed - Fox Body

Mustang Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers Brushed (86-93) 5.0L

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Mustang Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers Brushed (86-93) 5.0L

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Product Description

These Brushed Fabricated Aluminum Mustang Valve Covers are a great bolt-on for 1979-93 Mustangs. They are tall enough to clear most roller rockers and add a custom race inspired look. They include a billet aluminum filler tube,and oil cap as well as new bolts to attach them to the head.

* * *NOTE: Intake spacer and additional hood clearance may be required on 86-93 EFI applications. Depending on Which style A/C compressor is being used, Valve covers may have very little clearance between them and the back of the A/C compressor. You must check for clearance on your specific application!* * *

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Customer Reviews

2.5 star rating
2.7 out of 5 stars - based on 6 reviews
  horrible fit
By on 2/23/2014
I wrote a review on these back on 2/7/13 that i was worried they might leak and i just got around to finishing my car and tested the valve covers and they do leak horrible.I used ford motorsports gaskets and still leaked bad.Im still running stock heads and these covers dont have the lip the factory cover do.I called customer service 3 times and each prerson i talked to said they sale alot of these and they should seal fine,I also wrote in my last review that the bolts provided with covers were a 1/4 too long so i had to bujy new hardware.These covers might fit good with aftermarket heads bjut not stock heads!As far as finish they look great and look good under the hood as well.I buhy everything through late model and they have always taking care of me hope they do on these.

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  nicely built poor hardware
By on 2/7/2014
Wife bought me these for christmas and i just got around to installing today.The bolts that come with the valve covers are too long and bottom out before tight with the stock heads had to purchase new ones and the fitment onto the stock head wasnt that great either,Valve cover gasket sticks out past the covers a little less than 1/4 inch so i am worried they might not seal good.Cover finish was nice and looked well built might fit better with aftermarket heads.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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  Valve Cover product review
By on 6/27/2014
I am very pleased with the quality for the price, nice touch with the billet filler.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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  Great Look, not so Great fit
By on 4/25/2014
Image uploaded by LUIS I. Wish I would i=of read the reviews before purchasing, but I saw they were for my year and liked them so I bought. Well installation was not so easy. Esp on the driver side. It would not clear the A/C compressor so we had to heat and bend them to fit. Also the hardware supplies is not good. the bolts are to long and we snapped one as it was being tightened. We were able to get it out, but had to go to a hardware store and match more bolts up that were shorter. Well they only had so many so we had to cut the ones supplied to fit.
Now. They are on and I will say they look GREAT. I have stock heads and lower end. These VC's look like there is more done to the car. They do fit under an Explorer intake with out modding or getting a bigger gasket for the intake.

I give it a 3 start because they REALLY look good, but installation was a pain!

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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By on 5/18/2014
These valve covers look great but will not seal with anything but a cork gasket. and after having the engine running for a total of 20 miles the welds around 4 of the bolt holes cracked and started leaking oil. There is no internal baffle so it sucks a ton of oil into the intake. Trust me i love this site but i wouldn't recommend These to anyone

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  Will not seal
By on 4/26/2014
Had a horrible time trying to get these valve covers to seal. Oil would leak out from the back side of the valve covers on both sides. Took them off and replaced with a different pair. The valve covers look great but won't seal. Good luck !

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