1996-04 Ford Mustang SCT X4 Tuner With Custom Tune By SVE

Mustang SCT X4 Tuner With Custom Tune By SVE (96-04)

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  • Mustang SCT X4 Tuner With Custom Tune By SVE (96-04)
Mustang SCT X4 Tuner With Custom Tune By SVE (96-04)

Maximize the power and performance of your 96-04 Mustang with an SCT X4 Tuner and SVE Custom Tune!

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  • Improved Power
  • Compensates for Modifications
  • File Specifically Written for Your Mustang!
  • Easily returns back to stock
  • Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes


  • Stores 10 Custom Tune Files
  • Huge backlit LCD Display
  • High Speed Datalogging/Monitoring
  • User Adjustable Vehicle Parameters
  • For Naturally Aspirated 96-04 Mustangs
  • 91 or 93 Octane Fuel Required
  • Backed By SVE Quality & Commitment To Customer Satisfation

What's in the Box

  • (1) Handheld Tuning Device with Data-Link Cord
  • (1) Naturally Aspirated Mustang Custom Tune File

Product Description

SCT Power Flash X4 Tuner
If you are looking to unlock your 1996-2004 Mustang's hidden horsepower, this SCT Power Flash X4 tuner is the solution. This hand held tuner was built with the performance enthusiast in mind. Full of new software and features, this SCT-7015 can help you get the most out of your engine modifications. This programmer features a full color LCD screen with auto dim and portrait/landscape, adjustability.

Built In Wifi
Built in Wifi capability allows you to easily attach to your local wireless network for quick device upgrades. No more having to plug in your programmer to your computer!

Data Logging & Monitoring
This SCT-7015 programmer can monitor your Mustang's PCM data live in real-time on screen to give you instant feedback on your motor's performance. This allows you to read and clear engine diagnostic codes for on the code troubleshooting. Use the included LiveLink data logging software to keep track of your engine's performance.

Why an SVE Custom Tune
Modifications like cold air intake kits, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, cylinder heads, camshafts, and longtube headers can significantly alter the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing needs of your Mustang. An SVE performance custom tune will compensate for these mods and more. Automatic transmission equipped Mustangs will also benefit from improved shift timing and firmness. Because we tune for power and drivability, your driving experience will be improved from idle all the way to redline. 91 to 93 octane premium unleaded gasoline is required for all SVE Custom Tunes.

This SVE Custom Tune can be written for all of the following Naturally Aspirated (N/A) Mustangs.
1996-04 Mustang 3.8/3.9L V6*
1996-04 Mustang 4.6L GT*
1996-01 Mustang 4.6L Cobra*
2000 Mustang 5.4L Cobra R
2001 Mustang 4.6L Bullitt
2003-04 Mustang 4.6L Mach 1

*Cannot compensate for rear gear changes or different tire sizes on 1996-1998

How to Obtain Your Custom Tune
Once you place an order for your SVE Custom Tune, tuner kit, or parts kit, an order confirmation will be emailed to you followed by a Custom Tune Information Form. This email will usually be sent to you within one business day of your order. Inside this email, click the link that will direct you to the Custom Tune Information Form. You will need to fill this profile out very accurately to ensure the perfect custom tune for your Mustang. Once the form is completed, click submit. Once the form is submitted to us, we will create your tune file and email your new custom tune to the provided email address within 1-2 business days. If you need technical support, please contact our sales department at 254-296-6500.

Out of the box SCT devices will not read or tune the FRPP Coyote Control Pack. An SVE Custom Tune will be needed to handle any modifications (longtubes, CAI, etc.) made to a control pack run coyote swap.

Have a question about a custom tune for your Ford Mustang? Send Us A Message!

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7 of 7 REVIEWS
7 of 7 REVIEWS

5 Stars   Instant power in your hands
By on 1/13/2015
Bought this tuner at a great deal using late models many ways to get discounts and save money. Happy with tuner as it is easy to use and navigate through parameters. Custom tune was pretty well on the money. I did have a small issue with getting the drivers to download and could not communicate with the updater but a quick call to sct and i was tuning my car. Thanks late model for supplying another great product with excellent customer support.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   SCT X4 Tuner
By on 7/10/2014
I bought this programmer as one of my last upgrades, and you can tell the power difference even at idle. It gave the largest increase in power of any of my modifications, and have been very happy with the results. Should not have waited so long to buy a programmer.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   SVE tune with X4 Tuner
By on 7/24/2014
This product is a must. The tuner its self is a really nice product. With the SVE tune its even better. I would highly recommend this product to anybody. The nicest part is if you have any problems or questions Latemodel Restoration is here for you.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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4 Stars   SCT x4 tuner
By on 2/15/2015
When i first bought the SCT x4 tuner i was a bit skeptic of whether it would be worth the money, it was.Man does this thing pull! you might have to upgrade your tires. I would compare the gains to that of bolting on exhaust headers but you don't have to turn a single bolt or nut. The only discrepancy i found was the instructions or lack their of, in order to properly load your custom tune on to this device you have to download the appropriate software from the manufactures website, which can be tricky. Once, you have the software it does everything for you. i highly recommend this investment, because you could always purchase a custom tune for future modifications and save you money and trips to the dyno.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

Was this review helpful to you?

5 Stars   worth the money
By on 6/11/2015
I got this tuner about a month ago, its a great addition because you can check and clear codes, view engine vitals and it makes a significant difference if you have modifications. My car has off road x-pipe, 70mm throttle body and plenum, cold air intake. After tuning the car I noticed an immediate difference I get better gas mileage and it makes it run smoother....a little higher idle but not much. This is defiantly worth the money !!!!

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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3 Stars   Awesome Tuner!
By on 3/4/2015
I bought this for my 97 GT to liven it up a bit. Tuner itself is great! Well designed and easy to use. Literally plug it in and follow the directions on the screen. Personally, I did not have much luck with the tunes loaded on the tuner itself however. I am not sure if this is because my car is relatively stock (CAI, catback). However, when I loaded a 91 octane tune my car just threw codes at me for running rich in banks 1 and 2.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

Was this review helpful to you?

5 Stars   first tuner
By on 5/11/2015
Super happy with this tuner. Easy to use. Purchased with the custom tune and noticed the extra horses immediately. The added benifits of having the code reader and clearing check engine light makes this tuner a good investment.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

Was this review helpful to you?

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