Professional Products 50-Oz Counterweight For 80007 / 90007 Balancers by Professional Products

Professional Products 50-Oz Counterweight for 80007 / 90007 Balancers

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Professional Products 50-Oz Counterweight for 80007 / 90007 Balancers
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  • Works With PowerForce Balancers


  • Bolt In Design
  • Includes Hardware
  • 50oz Counter Weight

What's in the Box

  • (1) Counter Weight
  • (4) Bolts

Product Description

Counterweight for early 302 and 351W. These counterweights will work with corresponding Professional Products harmonic balancer only.

1982-93 5.0L engines use 50oz balancers and flywheels because they are "externally balanced" crankshafts. Internally balanced (1981 and older small blocks and ALL 351w) engines use 28oz. Remember; always use the balancer and flywheel combination that corresponds with your year of engine!

Bolt-in counterweights are a major plus feature in all of our externally balanced dampers. For example, if you purchased one of our externally balanced dampers and during your engine build procedure, you decide you want to switch to a neutral balance assembly, you don't need to buy a new damper. You simply unbolt the counterweight and you are good to go. Some of our competitors who lack this feature have made claims in some of their literature that bolt-in counterweights are a bad thing because they can "come loose" or "fall out" and "do serious damage." We have sold thousands and thousands of dampers with bolt-in counterweights, and we have never heard of one single instance where a counterweight has come loose or fallen out. It just doesn't happen. So if you have any concerns about this, you can forget about them.

Additionally, professional balance shops really like this feature because if they need to modify the counterbalance weight for any reason, it is much easier to do this with a removeable counterweight than to try to remove weight from the damper itself. We also offer all of our counterweights separately because, for example, some customers might want to switch between a 28 ounce inch weight and a 50 ounce inch weight on a small block Ford.

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