1993-95 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning 1.7 Ratio Pedestal Mount Roller Rocker Arms

F-150 SVT Lightning 1.7 Ratio Pedestal Mount Roller Rocker Arms (93-95)

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F-150 SVT Lightning 1.7 Ratio Pedestal Mount Roller Rocker Arms (93-95)

These Proform Rockers are an easy way to improve performance on your 1993-1995 SVT Lightning!

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  • Reduce Horsepower Loss
  • Reduce Internal Friction
  • Lengthen Valvetrain Component Life
  • Increase Valvetrain Stability


  • Stronger Than Stock
  • Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Blue Anodized Finish

What's in the Box

  • (16) Rocker Arm Assemblies
  • (16) Hold Down Bolts
  • (16) Stainless Steel Pedestals
  • (1) Installation Instructions

Product Description

These Proform 1.7 pedestal mount rocker arms for 5.8L Lightning require you to re-use your existing rocker channels.

Reduce friction and unleash horsepower
These Proform pedestal mount extruded aluminum roller rocker arms rid your engine of internal friction. Their race-proven full needle-bearing fulcrum and roller tip not only unleash horsepower, they also lengthen valvetrain component life, and reduce wear and tear on valve stem tips. They're precision-machined to ensure consistency and ratio accuracy.

Rocker Arm Mounting Style: Pedestal
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.7
Rocker Arm Style: Full roller
Stud Size: 5/16 in.
Shims Included: No
Rocker Arm Material: Aluminum
Self-Aligning: No
Rocker Arm Body Style: Standard
Maximum Spring Diameter: 1.500 in.
Rocker Arm Finish: Blue anodized
Quantity: Sold as a set of 16.

Pedestal-mount roller rockers
Pedestal-mount roller rockers are what the 5.8L engine came with from the factory, and what many cam manufac-turers offer in roller form as easy valvetrain upgrades. Pedestal-mount rockers, roller or otherwise, fasten to the cylinder head resting on aluminum pedestals that form a base for the rocker arm to rest upon. The pedestals rest in a sheet metal channel that ties the rockers together in pairs and prevents excessive side-to-side movement of the rocker tip on valve. A long, 5/16-inch cap screw goes through the center of the rocker's fulcrum, through the pedestal, and into the boss on the cylinder head.

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