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1993-95 F-150 SVT Lightning 5.8L Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 185cc Cylinder Heads

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F-150 SVT Lightning Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 185cc Cylinder Heads  (93-95) 5.8L

Wanting to add a serious gain in horse power under the hood of your SVT F-150 Lightning? Add the Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 185cc Cylinder Heads for serious power gains!

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  • Increase Horsepower
  • Increased Torque
  • Reduced Weight
  • Fully Assembled


  • Stud Mount head
  • 3-Angle Valve Radius Job
  • **Requires Aftermarket Pistons When Using Cams WithOver .550 Lift**

What's in the Box

  • (2) Cylinder Heads

Product Description

Make serious horsepower with the latest heads for your 93-95 SVT F-150 Lightning with a set of Twisted Wedge Street Ported 185 Aluminum Cylinder Heads!

Trick Flow® patented Twisted Wedge® StreetPorted® 185 performance aluminum cylinder heads feature Trick Flow® revolutionary "twisted wedge" combustion chambers to build more midrange and top-end power without sacrificing bottom-end torque. Here's how it works: Trick Flow® engineers rotated the valves and moved them over the center of the cylinder bores. This optimizes the valve angles and the combustion chamber shape to dramatically boost airflow and allow for a more complete combustion of the air/fuel charge. And, unlike other brands, Trick Flow® Twisted Wedge® heads are the only aftermarket heads that can run 2.020 in./1.600 in. valves with stock, unmodified pistons and performance camshafts with up to 0.550 in. of lift. The Twisted Wedge® series heads are built for heavy-duty use, too. They have 0.560 in. thick combustion chamber walls and fire decks for added strength without a loss of cooling capacity, plus additional support risers in the water jackets for increased head gasket integrity. The Twisted Wedge® 185 heads combine the proven power-building features of the Twisted Wedge® 170 heads with 5-axis CNC-porting to give small block Fords an even bigger performance boost. All Twisted Wedge® series heads work with most OEM and aftermarket intake and exhaust manifolds/headers. The heads come fully assembled and ready to install right out of the box with stainless steel valves (intakes are backcut for improved flow), valve springs, locks, retainers, ARP rocker studs, and guideplates. Bare cylinder head castings are also available.

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