1986-93 Ford Mustang On 3 Performance Single Turbo Kit - Fox Body - 5.0 by On3 Performance

Mustang On 3 Performance Single Turbo Kit (86-93) 5.0

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  • On 3 Performance Mustang 5.0 Single Turbo Kit (86-93)
Mustang On 3 Performance Single Turbo Kit (86-93) 5.0
  • On 3 Performance Mustang Single Turbo Kit (86-93) 5.0
  • On 3 Performance Mustang Single Turbo Kit (86-93) 5.0
  • On 3 Performance Mustang Single Turbo Kit (86-93) 5.0
  • On 3 Performance Mustang Single Turbo Kit (86-93) 5.0
  • On 3 Performance Mustang Single Turbo Kit (86-93) 5.0
  • On 3 Performance Mustang 5.0 Single Turbo Kit (86-93) - On 3 Performance Mustang 5.0 Single Turbo Kit (86-93)

Add some boost to your Mustang Fox Body with this 86-93 Mustang 5.0 Single Turbo Kit by On 3 Performance.

Item #LRS-8793TF

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  • Increased Horsepower
  • Maintains Good Street Manners


  • 70mm Turbo
  • Headers Included
  • Must Use Mass Air
  • Complete Bolt In

What's in the Box

  • (1) 70mm Turbo
  • (1) Intercooler
  • All Necessary Tubing, Couplers, Hardware & Associated Components for Installation
  • Installation Instructions

Product Description

Single 70mm Turbo Kit
The On 3 Performance Turbo Kit for 1986-1993 Fox Mustang 5.0L features a single 70mm Turbo with Intercooler. This kit is capable of 400 to 800 horsepower(with proper supporting modifications)! Headers and crossover tubing are high temp black coated mild steel, while the rest is 304 stainless steel. Boost is controlled by a 44mm Wastegate and pressure releif is handled by a 50mm Blow-off Valve. All needed hoses, lines, couplers, clamps, brackets, and hardware are included. The y-pipe to connect the downpipe to the catback is not included.

Bolt On Installation
While this kit is designed to be a bolt on, it is not a direct fit. The alternator will need to be relocated with the included bracket. Some modifications will be required! Such as cutting and clearancing to fit the intercooler and tubing, minor dimpling of the tubing to clear chassis components, tapping an oil return in the oil pan, etc. You will need to upgrade your fuel system; a high flow fuel pump and injectors will be required along with a properly calibrated MAF. Custom Tuning will be required! 1986-1988 Mustang will require a Mass Air Conversion. All 86-93 5.0s will require an oil Filter Relocation Kit!

What is a Turbocharger?
A Turbocharger, or Turbo, is powered by your engines exhaust flow. Exhaust from the engine spins the Turbine which is connected to the compressor. The compressor draws in filtered ambient air, compresses it and feeds it to the engine. The amount of pressure above atmospheric pressure is referred to as boost. Turbo systems are generally referred to as being very efficient power producers and offer stock like driveability with significant power increase potential.

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8 of 9 REVIEWS
8 of 9 REVIEWS

5 Stars   Couldn't be happier
By on 8/25/2014
Image uploaded by Brian D. After reading so many bad reviews about this product and On3 Performance's overall poor customer service, I was hesitant about installing this on my 89 GT when my wife bought me the kit for Christmas. I've always been happy with 50Resto's support, so I decided to try it out and honestly couldn't be happier. I took my time installing the kit (2 months of a few hours a week overall), and can't stress the importance of that enough... Take your time... It DOES FIT as advertised. With my factory GT front bumper, I was able to successfully retain my ice cold a/c and the fog lights with NO trimming of the front bumper at all. I can see where LX guys may have an issue with both charge pipes though. The fog light bracket did have to be cut significantly on each end, but that's the only issue I had. I ordered the supporting mods directly from Adam at On3 (Deka 60lb injectors, Y-pipe, 75mm PMAS, etc), who was (almost) as helpful as the 50Resto staff. Here's the important part: Before this kit, my GT40X aluminum headed stock short block 302 netted 297hp/325tq and ran a 13.4 at 103... After a morning tuning session with the stock A9L and a Moates QH, the same exact combo with the On3 kit pulled a conservative 401hp/424tq on the stock wastegate spring (6.2 pounds of final boost). There's barely any timing in it as is, and with 60lb injectors the DC isn't even breaking a sweat. For the money, this kit is outrageous. I've had no issues with boost or exhaust leaks other than the downpipe where it meets the turbo flange (had to run a gasket and add a hanger to the Y-pipe which should be done anyway), and the base 70mm turbo has held up perfectly so far. Bottom line? If you're not in a rush to install the kit, pull the trigger on this one. After almost 8 months of spirited driving now, this kit hasn't ceased to put a smile on my face. If you want peace of mind, throw an upgraded turbo on it. Either way the price of any other off the shelf option is going to far exceed this kit. I'll write another review if anything changes, but right now I'm going to bang some gears.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   On3 70MM Kit
By on 11/5/2013
Image uploaded by Jason Kranz Great Kit for the money. On3 met my need to go fast!

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5 Stars   On3 Turbo Kit 70mm
By on 11/5/2013
I really enjoyed the economics of this kit. It allowed me to get in to a turbo car for a reasonable price and always put a smile on my face.


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3 Stars   Product looks great except!
By on 3/19/2014
Let me start by saying Latemodel Restoration has always had great customer service and is a very reputable company.
As for this product it was packaged very well and the parts seem to be of good quality, however the air intake pipe from throttle body to mass air meter was cracked at the weld. No instructions were sent with the kit except for a cd that had nothing on it. I e-mailed On3 Performance a week ago for this only to get no response.

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5 Stars   On3 70MM Kit
By on 11/5/2013
Image uploaded by Jason Kranz Secondary view from my previously posted pic.

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By on 6/17/2014
First off if you can't fabricate don't get this kit. As for being for a car with a/c not even close unless you don't want to have a front bumper on the car. The condenser makes the inter cooler stick out About 2-3 inches so the bumper sticks out that far too. Not to mention the ac lines from the condenser come out about 3 inches from the turbo itself so the air filter can't even go on. And ac lines on the inner fender are so close that they will melt . Along with that wiring harness. All of that stuff has to be moved. So if you can handle rebending ac lines and moving wire harnesses into the fender well along with making inter cooler brackets and moving the ac condenser along with the radiator you should be finally able to start it let it run for 4 mins then find out the dam TURBO IS JUNK!!!!!!!!
From LateModelRestoration.com®: We apologize that you have had some trouble with this kit. The turbo is covered under a 1 year limited warranty. Please expect a call from one of our customer service representatives on the issue.
Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   A bolt on turbo kit!
By on 8/13/2014
Image uploaded by Brian N. Skepticism ran through my mind about a truly bolt on kit.
But after looking through the internet after hours and goes of research, I kept getting pulled back to this kit.

After receiving it I set out to put it all together and the instructions and tech support was great.
Love the performance it gave my car.
A fuel system upgrade along with this package and I was making some great horsepower.

Would highly recommend this kit to anyone!

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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4 Stars   Couldnt be happier
By on 10/18/2014
Image uploaded by Chad Kollar I was researching this kit for months. Watching videos of installations, and dyno pulls. The kit took my friend and I sometime to install, because we did have issues. But after all that cursing and frustration I could not be happier. I have recently blown my motor cause the stock block could not handle the numbers I put down. If ur reading and wondering what it put down to the rear wheels it made 525hp/546tq. On only 10lbs. I love this kit, and im building a 331 stroker to handle the boost. Latemodel restoration I'll b calling you guys soon. Thank you for all your help over the years.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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3 Stars   iffy on this kit
By on 12/17/2014
Image uploaded by jacob a. Bought a few months ago just now getting around to putting it on. For one I did not have to use a aftermarket k member or coil over set up. That is the plus side of this kit. But I had trouble with fitment of headers which is noted in instructions. The turbo down pipe fit great. But the biggest pain is the intercooler. Mounting the intercooler is the worst part. The pipe coming from the throttle body to the intercooler will not fit with a maf sensor "abaco" the waste gates and bov fire rings were also the wrong size and the clamp for the bov did not fit. I've called latemodel of the concern was told that they had no experience with installing kit and I have tried to call on 3 and can not get an answer. So debating on fabing up the rest.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   so far so good!
By on 8/8/2015
Image uploaded by Raul l. i bought this kit for my 1989 mustang gt, everything i have upgraded its from latemodelresto. Top end kit, camshaft, fuel pump, injectors, tubular control arms, lowering springs, shocks and struts etc. now this turbo kit. i made 478hp and 500torque, on the on3 turbo kit. i have no problems at all. the kit is firm! now what i think it needs for sure is better header bolts and a braided oil return line, other than that i recommend this!

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   delivery
By on 7/17/2015
I bought this turbo on the 14th of July and just received it about 30 minutes ago. I am very impressed on the speedy delivery and packing to ensure nothing gets broke in transit. My car is currently being painted and hope to have it done next week and have the car back together and install this turbo. Until then thank you late model restoration and on 3 performance. Once it is installed I'll be back with results and another rate.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   On3 70MM Turbo Kit
By on 7/30/2015
Image uploaded by Bryan Bayer fitment on my kit is very good, and people close to me in the Mustang community have been making very good power numbers with this kit. just about finished with my project. Can't wait to bust off some dyno pulls.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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On3 Performance offers affordable, high quality turbocharger kits for all latemodel Mustangs. Each single and twin turbo kit is specifically designed to fit perfectly in your Foxbody, SN95, New Edge, and S197 Mustang. These power adders can boost your 4.6L or 5.0L motor to over 100+ additional horsepower. Featuring a simple bolt on installation, you can get the edge over your competition in one weekend! Shop On3 Performance turbo kits at LatemodelRestoration.com.

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