1979-93 Ford Mustang 5 Speed Swap Pedal Assembly Kit - Fox Body by 50resto

Mustang 5 Speed Swap Pedal Assembly Kit (79-93)

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  • Mustang 5 Speed Swap Pedal Assembly Kit (79-93
Mustang 5 Speed Swap Pedal Assembly Kit (79-93)

This 79-93 Mustang manual transmission pedal assembly kit is perfect for getting your 5-speed swap done!

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  • Perfect For 5 Speed Swaps
  • Restores Manual Transmission Components


  • Refurbished Pedal Assembly
  • Includes Hard To Find Parts

What's in the Box

  • (1) Shifter Bezel
  • (1) Clutch Pedal Safety Switch
  • (1) Mid-Pipe Hanger
  • (1) Transmission Mount
  • (1) Flywheel
  • (1) Clutch and Pressure Plate
  • (1) Manual Transmission Hump
  • (1) Clutch Cable
  • (1) Fire Wall Adjuster
  • (1) Clutch Fork & Cover
  • (1) Pilot Bearing
  • (1) Shift Knob
  • (1) Shifter Handle
  • (1) Shifter Boot
  • (1) Adj. Crossmember
  • (1) Block Spacer Plate
  • All Necessary Hardware Included

Product Description

Mustang T-5 Transmission Conversion Kit
This 1979-1993 Mustang T-5 Transmission hardware kit includes all of the hardware you need to convert your automatic Fox Body to a 5 speed T-5 setup. This Foxbody transmission swap kit is the ONLY kit on the market that offers all of the hard to find components needed to swap out your automatic or AOD transmission for a 5 speed transmission at an economical price. This kit was put together by Mustang specialists who have done the swap numerous times before and know just what you need to complete the installation. This kit is designed for people who already have a T-5 transmission!

Includes Hard To Find Parts
With this kit, you won't have to scour the junk yard looking for those hard to find parts! This kit includes the manual transmission pedal assembly, correct exhaust hangers, manual transmission tunnel hump, and the manual transmission harness. Save time and money with this all in one kit!

High Quality Components
This kit includes a performance clutch kit, Ford Racing adjustable transmission crossmember, clutch fork dust cover and many other high quality 5.0 Resto parts.

Manual Transmission Pedal Assembly Kit
This 1979-1993 Mustang refurbished manual transmission pedal assembly kit is a great way to restore your 5 speed car or to help swap your automatic transmission to manual transmission. It features a refurbished manual transmission pedal assembly, clutch cable, retaining club, safety switch, clutch pedal pad, brake pedal pad, double hook clutch quadrant, and a clutch pedal activated cruise control cancel switch.

Refurbished Manual Transmission Pedal Assembly
This Mustang manual transmission pedal assembly is the same assembly found in 82-93 5-speed Fox Bodys. Each assembly starts out life as a used OEM unit and is fully disassembled, inspected, media blasted, and painted. New pivot bushings are installed, the pivots are lubricated, and then reassembled. Don't waste your time scouring junk yards or salvage yards, shop LatemodelRestoration.com and get yours today!

Clutch Cable & Quadrant
This 1982-1993 Ford Mustang adjustable clutch cable kit contains a 50Resto brand triple hook clutch quadrant machined from billet aluminum & anodized blue for an attractive finish. The adjustable clutch cable included in the kit is a high quality unit that features a threaded stud at the clutch fork end for plenty of adjustment to get the perfect feel in your Foxbody.

Clutch & Brake Pedal Pads
Most fox body Mustangs have worn out pedal pads that need replacing. Hard shifting, heavy braking, and even normal driving conditions over time can wear down the factory rubber pads covering your pedals. If you have any amount of metal showing through your factory pad, or the surface has become smooth, its time to replace it! These pads simply slip over your factory metal pedal assembly.

Cruise Control Cancel Switch
This 1982-1995 Mustang clutch pedal activated cruise control cancel switch is a direct replacement for a malfunctioning switch in your Foxbody. This switch shuts off the cruise control as soon as you push the clutch in to keep you from over revving your motor. When this switch goes out, you will notice your cruise control staying on after you engage your clutch. Get if fixed with this replacement switch from Latemodel Restoration! This new switch features the same connector as the OEM part for an easy plug and play installation. This is the same switch that was issued on factory 5 speed cars. Also a must have part for doing 5 speed swaps on your automatic Fox Body!

Clutch Pedal Safety Switch
Have you ever gotten into your Mustang Pressed in the clutch and it still wouldn't start? Or do you have to "boot" your pedal to the floor in order for the engine to spin when the starter is engaged? You may be a candidate for a Clutch Pedal Safety Switch. Located on the clutch pedal assembly. The clutch start switch or "safety switch" prevents the engine from cranking unless the clutch pedal is depressed fully. This serves as a safety device that keeps the engine from possibly starting while in gear. Replace yours for safety and proper function today!

- Fits 1979-1993 5 Speed 5.0L Mustangs
- Perfect For 1979-1993 Automatic to Manual Conversions

Product Videos

Mustang Clutch Pedal Assembly - Fox Body (79-93)

Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. The best place to go for anything Mustang related!

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