1984-86 Ford Mustang TMI Deluxe Door Panels for Hardtop w/ Power Windows Canyon Red - Fox Body by TMI

Mustang TMI Deluxe Door Panels for Hardtop w/ Power Windows Canyon Red (84-86)

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  • TMI Mustang Deluxe Door Panels for Hardtop w/ Power Windows Canyon Red (84-86)
Mustang TMI Deluxe Door Panels for Hardtop w/ Power Windows Canyon Red (84-86)

Have the door panels in your Mustang seen better days? Get yourself a set of these pre-assembled deluxe door panels to bring your Mustang back to like new condition!

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  • Replaces Worn Out Door Panels
  • No Assembly Required


  • Includes Inner Belt Weatherstrip, Lower Carpet & Driver Side Map Pocket
  • Diamond perf upper panel
  • correct chrome trim insert

What's in the Box

  • (1) Driver Side Door Panel
  • (1) Passenger Side Door Panel

Made in the USA

Product Description

Deluxe Mustang Door Panels
This pair of fully assembled Mustang door panels includes new inner belt weatherstrips, door lock knob grommets, lower door carpet and a driver's side map pocket. No assembly required, all you have to do is pull them out of the box and install them on your Mustang.

- 1984-86 Mustang door panel style
- Fits Mustang coupe or Mustang hatchback & T-top
- For Mustangs with power windows only
- Diamond perforated upper panel (correct for 85-86)
- Correct chrome plastic trim insert

Installation Notes
This set of Mustang door panels ship with the material covering one side of the door panel without cut outs. The back side of the door panel board has perforated opening locations for such things as door handles, window cranks, electric windows, speaker covers, etc.

Chalk marks on the material face act as a guide where cuts are to be made for arm rests, door handles, etc. Once the material is cut all of the chalk marks can be removed with alcohol or soap and water. If you have a question about which openings to cut and which ones not to cut, please refer to your original door panel as a ready reference.

It is your responsibility to remove whatever perforated openings that are required for your Mustang. It is recommended to carefully use a single edge razor blade to remove perforated openings. Once the openings are cut out, the material should be cut to accommodate the part that needs to go into the opening.

This can be done by using a razor blade or razor knife to cut an "X" through the material in the center of the opening. Please be careful not to cut the "X" all the way to the edge of the opening in the board. It is suggested to leave 1/4" of material inside the opening so it looks clean when the material is folded back.

After the "X" cut is made you can fold back the material so you can install door handles, arm rests, etc. If desired, you can tape of glue the flaps of material to the backside of the board, but it is not required as once the hardware and door panel are installed, you will not be able to see the loose material.

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1 Stars   Could be perfect... but...
By on 6/4/2015
The good. TMI is very wise in using 1 piece of acrylic for the backing instead of the nasty fiber board of the originals. They look like they are built with precision and when I first removed them from the box I was blown away.

The bad. Color match is hardly even close. It is more of a purple color and not red. Also, TMI cut the vinyl too large where the upper door handle gets screwed in and is visible around the door handle. Very slight but for how much these cost, unacceptable. Last, 1 of the cutouts for the door panel pins on each door is in the wrong location. In the front at the bottom where the speaker would be in the newer Mustangs that hole cannot be used.

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Vehicle Applications

Ford Mustang - 1984 (84) - 1985 (85) - 1986 (86)

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