1979-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 Black Magic Xtreme Electric Fan Kit - Fox Body by Flex a Lite

Mustang Black Magic Xtreme Electric Fan Kit (79-93) 5.0

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  • 1979-93 Mustang 5.0L Black Magic Xtreme Electric Fan Kit
Mustang Black Magic Xtreme Electric Fan Kit (79-93) 5.0

This Black Magic Xtreme electric fan kit from Flex-a-lite are designed to cover 45 percent more radiator surface area on your Mustang than comparable fans!

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  • Frees Up Horsepower
  • Increases Gas Mileage
  • Reduces Accessory Drag By Eliminating Belt Driven Fan
  • Powerful Single Electric Motor For Maximum Cooling
  • Powerful Motor Provides Reliable Operation


  • Designed Specifically For 79-93 Mustangs
  • Full Radiator Coverage
  • The Most Powerful Single Electric Fan Available
  • Easy Installation w/ Comprehensive Instructions

What's in the Box

  • (1) Fan, Motor & Shroud Assembly
  • (1) Adjustable Temperature Controller w/ Radiator Probe
  • Aluminum Mounting Brackets
  • Electrical Connections & Wiring
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions w/ Wiring Diagram

Made in the USA

Product Description

Big, powerful fans take cooling to the Xtreme!
This Flex-a-lite Black Magic Xtreme electric fan kit for the 1979-93 Ford Mustang is the the most powerful single electric fan available which provides full radiator coverage for maximum cooling power. This kit features a one piece, rugged nylon shroud which creates 45-50% higher heat transfer than a cage fan of the same performance.

Custom Fit, High Output
This Flex-a-lite Black Magic Xtreme electric fan kit comes with a rigid bracket mounting system that was designed to fit your Fox Body Mustang, no thru core mounting. It is also built with a high torque, high RPM electric fan motor with adjustable thermostat, A/C relay and manual switch connection.

Increase Power & Economy
This fan kit will increase your Mustang's gas mileage, improve A/C output, and increase available horsepower and torque by eliminating your old belt fan and clutch kit. Installation is easy with the comprehensive instructions included.

More Features
* Recovers horsepower and torque lost by O.E. belt fan.
* Generates cooler A/C output
* Custom brackets mount bolt to your Mustang
* The most powerful single electric fan available
* Provides full radiator coverage for many vehicles
* One piece, rugged nylon shroud
* Shrouded fan creates 45-50% higher heat transfer than cage fan of same performance
* Rigid bracket mounting system, no through core mounting
* High torque, high RPM electric motor
* Installation instructions with wiring diagrams in English, French and Spanish
* Provides consistent cooling, regardless of engine RPM
* Reversible: Pulls OR pushes air

Maximum Fan CFM: 3,300 cfm
Fan Quantity: Single
Fan Diameter: 15 in.
Height: 17.5 in.
Width: 21.5 in.
Thickness: 4.187 in.
Number of Blades: 8 blades
Maximum Fan RPM: 2,450 rpm
Blade Material: Plastic
Blade Color: Black
Shroud Color: Black
Shroud Material: Glass-reinforced nylon
Amp Draw: 18 amps

Includes adjustable thermostat, A/C relay, and manual switch connection.

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10 of 10 REVIEWS

5 Stars   1979-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 Black Magic Xtreme Electric Fan Kit
By on 11/21/2013
Overall I give this fan a 4.5, I'm writing this to cover some concerns I had and problems encounter during installation. I was very concerned about how noisy it was going to be, it's very quiet and inaudible while sitting traffic. I have a supercharged/modified 93' w A/C - no issues with cooling - but I have very stout cooling system. The mounting brackets are very minimalist for the bottom and the top ones were a little to 'tuner scene' for me...I ended up fabricating some very nice replacements being able to pick up the existing threaded inserts. I have an aftermarket aluminum radiator - which is over twice as thick as the stock - you may not be able to mount your OEM recovery tank using the supplied brackets if you have such a radiator - it hit my A/C and P/S pulleys. After final installation, triple checking the wiring (fan was not operating properly), my kit was shipped with a faulty controller, one call to flex-a-lite and a very short discussion, they immediately sent a replacement controller. Fan works as advertised with new controller.

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5 Stars   Can't beat this thing brings.
By on 3/17/2014
Not only engine temperature much much cooler over stock, but A/C. Installed this kit and am FREEZING in 110 degree Las Vegas weather. Strongly recommend, plus you free up some HP at the crank. Bump up your Alternator if your still running stock.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   it's a must
By on 6/25/2014
Best money I ever spent in my car. I adjust it at 160 degrees and stays rock solid. Before that fan the temperature used to go up and down. I feel that should come like that from the factory that's how good it is. If you are thinking to buy this fan you will not be disappoint

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   Awesome product
By on 9/25/2014
Had two 12 in cooling fans that came on the car when I got it and they just weren't pulling enough air. This fan pulls air like no tomorrow. Work great and keeps my engine at the perfect temp

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   great fit, easy install
By on 6/2/2014
Recently purchased a black magic extreme 185 for my 92' lx. The fit was great. I elected to fasten 2 screws in the front rail of my aluminum radiator for more secure fitting. The temp gauge is rock solid now and the car runs better. Another upgrade that makes this cool little car a better car. The guys at Latemodel Restoration were great!

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   BUY THIS!!!!
By on 5/23/2015
I recently finished the install on this electric fan kit, and I must say, this is the single best modification I have done to a fox yet. I was absolutely blown away by how much of an improvement in felt power output. Also an indescribable improvement in drivability. The motor idles smoother and more consistent, returns to idle from acceleration smoother and more consistent. It's weird, but it also seems like the car has a lot less of the low rpm "lugging" that is common with these cars. As far as cooling goes, it is comparable to the Lincoln Mark VIII fan in its cooling ability. With the dial on its control module You can essentially, control what temperature range you want your vehicle to stay in. It's absolutely phenomenal. I can say with confidence that when the 408 stroker goes in, there will be no concern about cooling.

There aren't many but I will list some in order to be fair. The control module seems like its of low build quality. A flimsy plastic box that without the utmost care, can be broken during installation. The circuit board is not securely fastened to the inside of the box. Take extreme care when installing the connectors to the board. Also, I felt like the manner in which the connections are made to the board are weak. It's nothing more than a male and female wire connector. With no other provision to ensure they stay secured to each other. I feel like with time they could become weak and separate. There is a very helpful installation video on YouTube from user name XX65XX. It helped me greatly.

Overall, I would say, if you don't have an electric fan already, buy this kit immediately. You will not regret it.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   Awesome Fan!
By on 4/6/2015
This Fan was purchased for an 89 Mustang convertible 5.0 GT to compliment an A/C conversion from R-12 to R-134a. The fan fit my factory radiator with no problems. its very easy to install and really does come with everything needed to do it yourself. The quality is exceptional. I originally decided to try and use my factory 75 amp alternator since mostly everything in the car is stock, but that proved to be a mistake. When the fan would kick on, you could feel and hear the load on the engine with severe voltage drop at idle. Even at 2000 RPM, the voltage was below normal. Be informed you will eventually need to upgrade your stock alternator with a 130 amp capacity. If not you might experience premature alternator failure or have a battery charging issue. After I changed over to a larger alternator the load issues went away and voltage was restored back to normal operation. the Temperature control module has a automatic override which will trigger the fan to turn on and off with operation of the A/C compressor. This feature removes the human error of remembering to turn the fan on and off manually. The fan contains instructions along with one line diagram of wiring. You can not go wrong with this fan.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   The fan was a perfect with my new SVE radiator.
By on 3/23/2015
The fan works great! The install was easy as long as you have moderate skills of wiring. I had to use a video someone posted to figure out were a couple wires tie into.I used 1/4 inch wire loom as well for a clean looking install. It came out perfect so I finished it off with a moroso overflow tank to finish it off. 3300 cfm is a huge upgrade. Especially if your going to modify your motor.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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4 Stars   Worked as advertised
By on 6/6/2015
I've got an '86 SVO and the factory fan was just not pulling enough air to cool the condenser in stop and go traffic. This fan does the trick and keeps everything cool as promised.

Install was a breeze even for someone like me who is electrically challenged. I did have to buy some more wire to get the controller installed where I wanted.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   Great fan!
By on 2/24/2015
Did a lot of research and this is the fan I ended up with. Couldn't ask for a better fan easy installation and works perfect! I have this on a mild built 331 if this helps anyone with the stock radiator and no a/c. Thanks LMR for the great price and fast shipping!

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   Great upgrade
By on 4/29/2015
Installation took about 2 hours including wire loom and zip ties. Works great

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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