Turbo: Real World High Performance Turbocharger Systems Book by Cartech

Turbo: Real World High Performance Turbocharger Systems Book

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Turbo: Real World High Performance  Turbocharger Systems Book

Looking to go boosted? Looking to slap a turbo on? Learn the ins and outs of turbocharging and see pictures and how-to's with this book!

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  • Teaches You About Performance Turbochargers
  • Provides How-To's


  • 300 Photos
  • Turbo Technical Info
  • Turbo Information And Components
  • How-To's

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  • (1) "Turbo: Real World High Performance Turbocharger Systems" Book

Product Description

Turbochargers are incredibly appealing to performance enthusiasts because of their ability to add "free" horsepower - and lots of it - to almost any engine or vehicle. Today, it seems easier than ever for the average gearhead to harness the incredible power-building capability of turbochargers. Those who want to increase the performance of their existing turbo system, or those who want to add a turbo to an existing engine, have never had so many components, vendors, and resources to choose from.

Unfortunately, this wealth of options and opinions can be hard to understand and navigate. That's where Turbo: Real World High-Performance Turbocharger Systems comes in. This book is the most complete, detailed, up-to-date resource on anything and everything to do with turbochargers. Whether you're running gas or diesel, 4, 6, 8, or more cylinders, this book will teach you to test, install, and maintain your high-performance turbo system. You'll learn how turbochargers work, how to choose the right turbo or turbos for your engine by reading flow maps, and how to tune your engine to run perfectly with your turbo system.

Author Jay K. Miller uses more than 300 photos and the perfect blend of technical and common-sense information to help you build boost quickly and make more horsepower and torque. He discusses the various components of a turbocharger and explains how to decode complicated turbocharger model numbers, compressor maps, and other specs. If you run into problems with your turbo system, there's also a detailed chapter on failure analysis to help you figure out what's wrong and how to fix it - plus a complete step-by-step turbocharger tear-down and rebuild.

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