1987-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 B&M Aod Hammer Shifter - Fox Body

Mustang B&M Aod Hammer Shifter (87-93) 5.0

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Mustang B&M Aod Hammer Shifter (87-93) 5.0
  • B&M Mustang Aod Hammer Shifter (87-93) 5.0
  • B&M Mustang Aod Hammer Shifter (87-93) 5.0

The B&M Hammer shifter may just be the most comfortably operated automatic shifter you can buy for your Mustang.

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  • Increased Shifter Comfort
  • Race Inspired Looks


  • Polished Aluminum T-Handle
  • Neutral Safety Switch
  • Lighted Gear Indicator
  • Multi-Positioned Trigger

What's in the Box

  • (1) B&M Hammer Shifter Assembly
  • All Needed Hardware
  • Installation Instructions

Product Description

Grab the handle of a Hammer shifter and it feels like it was molded to your hand. The unique design easily fits small to large hands and provides the appropriate wrist angle. The multi-position trigger is spoon-shaped for easy finger operation in a multitude of grip positions. The result is a shifter which is perfect for almost any latemodel Mustang. Get your hands on a Hammer! Dimensions measure 13.55” long, 10.07” high and 6.25” wide.

- Unique multi-positioned trigger for user comfort in various shifter positions.
- Reverse lockout feature meets NHRA and IHRA requirements.
- Includes neutral safety switch, backup light switch, lighted gear indicator & polished aluminum T-Handle.
- Can be used with a reverse pattern valve body.

Ideal for 1987-93 Ford Mustang console applications. It has a full ratchet action mechanism for positive upshifts and downshifts. When shifting the Mustang Console Hammer from Neutral or Reverse to Park positions, just lift the trigger and ratchet the shifter forward for each position. Must be installed in cars originally equipped with automatic transmissions. Modification to the transmission tunnel is required if you're using this shifter on a standard-to-automatic conversion.

* * * NOTE: This Shifter is designed to re-use your factory shifter cable. If Doing a manual to automatic conversion, you must purchase a separate shifter cable as well.* * *
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5 of 5 REVIEWS
5 of 5 REVIEWS

By on 1/14/2014
I got this for my birthday from my father and I am not sure where he ordered it from but seeing as I do 95% of my shopping for my Mustang here I figured that I would review it here. This shifter is awesome! I was a little stumped at first as it took me the better part of a weekend to get it working right. The actual install was pretty smooth and relatively painless. My problem came when I would try and shift... I would get nothing. Come to find out, after several hours on the phone with the guys at B&M that there was a spring off the ratchet mechanism. Once that was back in place it worked like a dream.

I am going on having this in for 3 months now and I am glad I made the change. I get solid shifts when I want without overshooting the gear I am looking for. My wife calls it a lazy mans manual... Regardless of her opinion this is outstanding. I installed this when I was having the transmission serviced and a B&M Street/Strip shift kit installed. Between the 2 I am more than impressed with the performance upgrade it gave me. Even running behind a mostly stock engine I can tell the difference, and I am sure I will be even more impressed once I finish with the engine rebuild here in a week or so.

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  Easy to install
By on 2/18/2014
Image uploaded by Jason E. Installed three days ago. Great price very easy to install and to use.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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  Good replacement for stock, but dont use it on AOD conversions unless you have to.
By on 10/23/2014
First off, I must say that this is a rather meaty shifter. I love how easy it is to cycle gears and not miss a beat on a stock '89.

Lets get some things out of the way. Foremost, my stang was originally a manual. The first owner had an automatic put in after he busted a collar bone, but quickly abandoned the car after getting a 99. Again, take into account that this was originally a manual.

This was a terrible pain to install and nothing fit right. I had to unfortunately fabricate everything to make this fit and also modify the center console. Lots of swearing, parts buying and sitting on blocks for a month until I was able to finally use it.

For auto conversions, you'll be looking at:
*bolt misalignment
*transmission tunnel clearance and height difference
*retrofit and connection of shifting cable

Workmanship on this is decent, but it could stand some improvement. Namely the use of a solid piece of aluminum for the shifter handle. It shredded on the threads with half a turn. Be prepared to use a LOT of loc-tite to keep this on during the winter and summer months. The handle is soft and any kind of hard object that hits it, mauls the surface (like my nice watch). The jam nut is also aluminum. It's threaded a bit better, but soft. Wrench with care.

Treating this install with care and taking your time will prevent a lot of problems. As negative as this review sounds, I'd still want one on any other vehicle I drive. Tricky to get a handle of initially, but good if you want to cycle gears like a stick.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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  It works
By on 10/14/2014
I wish the shifter was designed to move the handle closer to the driver. That said, take there advice and use a key on hot wire for the indicator...you can't tell even in broad daylight otherwise. The indicator pin is extremely fragile, be careful adjusting .
Mine didn't make it.
It looks cool, probably not necessary, but the stocker was really worn out.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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  This is fun.
By on 2/15/2015
This is one of my absolute favorite mods on my mustang. If you've got an automatic, this is the best way I know to make driving it fun without swapping to a 5 speed. It's not going to make you any faster, and it's not going to wow anyone on cruise night, but it's just a huge improvement in the overall driving experience. Combined with a 1-2-3 valve body, it's great for occasional track use, but even on a daily driver with a stock VB, just slamming it in and out of overdrive on the highway is well worth the price. Bonus points for looking great, too, especially with an old-school ball style shifter knob on it.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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  B&M Shifter installation
By on 8/25/2014
on my 1989 GT convertible when you line up the shift indicator light appropriately the indicator fork will slip off of the brass drive pin and then will no longer move. I called B&M and they were rude and un helpful. I believe this could be fixed by taking a small bike chain outter link and using it to offset the pin slightly to ensure full engagement.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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