Ford Mustang Accel 24LB Fuel Injectors EV1/Jetronic

Mustang Accel 24LB Fuel Injectors EV1/Jetronic

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  • Accel Mustang 24LB Fuel Injectors EV1/Jetronic
Mustang Accel 24LB Fuel Injectors EV1/Jetronic

Need more fuel to feed your Mustang? Upgrade to a set of Accel 24LB Fuel Injectors today!

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  • Increased Fuel Flow Over Smaller 19LB Injectors.
  • No Modifications Needed


  • Ev1 Body
  • Jetronic Connector
  • 24LB Flow Rate

What's in the Box

  • (8) Fuel Injectors

Product Description

Looking for more fuel flow for your High performance Mustang? Add a set of Accel 24LB Injectors! These injectors offer the common EV1 body style with a traditional jetronic connection. This is the perfect upgrade to naturally aspirated builds that just need a little more fuel to make the power.These injectors are a very popular upgrade over the factory 19LB injectors found in several year model Mustangs.

Estimated Horsepower Ratings
Naturally Aspirated Applications: 326HP @ 85% Duty Cycle
Forced-Induction Applications: 251HP @ 85% Duty Cycle

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About This Brand

Accel - The First Name in ACCELeration
When it comes to high-definition ignition systems and parts, nobody does it better than Accel.

Accel ignition components have been known to power various engines for the last 25 years. Accel is recognized for producing top of the line components that undergo excellent engineering and rigid tests.

Accel's product line supplements your Ford Mustang and SVT Lightning engine with more power and torque. The result is a more efficient and smooth performing vehicle.

Accel has introduced numerous innovations for spark plug technology and mechanical techniques.

Shop Accel for your Mustang ignition, distributor, spark plug wires, spark plugs, and fuel injector needs!

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