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Great site

your site has a great selection of parts to choose from for my 1990 lx mustang and your prices are also great.

Nobody Beats 50resto!

Guys, I can't thank you enough! I have a '90 Foxbody covrt. As you know its been triple digit weather here in Texas. Its great having my top down but sometimes its great to have it up (rain and 106 degree weather. My top motor went out so I called the local Mustang shop here in DALLAS. They told me sure we have them in stock. When I show up they tell me that there is one on hold and none on the shelf. Now bare in mind i had to travel about an hour to the shop (one way). So they tell me to call on the coming Monday. So I did. Now Monday they tell me that they ordered more and the motors should be arriving on Friday!! I gave up! So that Monday I called you guys and spoke with Chris, Place my order, and when I get home from work TODAY (Tuesday) I will be installing my new motor. Thanks 50 resto!!

Your faithfull shopper for life
Lake Dallas Tx


I have orderded thousands of dollars worth of parts for 3 different mustangs, everything is right every time!! perfect to do business with
Thanks, Dillon Barrows
91 gt, 90 lx 4cyl swap, 89 gt

good service

two words, AWESOME!

Thank you for your quick work

Mr. Milazzo,
Thank you for your quick work on this little problem. I have looked on your website at the part you recomended and it looks fine to me, so please change the order to reflect the MAC-X8693. I want to say that it is a pleasure dealing with LRS and staff. I don't know of any other parts company that would call me in Germany to alert and try to solve a problem, and your support to service members with free APO shipping sets LRS above the pack. Thank you.

P.S. Please feel free to pass on this message of thanks.

Great Customer Service

I had ordered the wrong parts. When I sent them back, The right part was sent out to me but I had sent back two and only recived one. I called Customer Service and explained the situation to Brian, he said no problem. Brian stated they would send the other part out right away. Today I recieved an email stating the part had been shipped. This is a great company to do business with and the parts are high quility, Thank you for your assistance Brian.


Checked out the online catalog, found what I'd been looking for and ordered it. the email confirmation was fast, and the shipping was faster!

Great Job

5.0 Resto has been a great company to work with during the restoration of my 91 GT. The sales people have been very informative and easy to talk to and the website is the best in the industry! Great Job! Keep it up

LRS Good to Go!

I've been a LRS customer for 3 years. In every case, their service has been excellent. You can't beat their great service, prices, order accuracy and fast shipping.

great cust. service

I wanted to thank you for great prices and resonible s&h fees. Also, very prompt order turn-around. Shipped to my door in 3 days from placing my order, that's fantastic. And at a quarter the shipping cost of the other guys. Thank You LRS.


I am very pleased with Late Model Restoration, the shipping has been very fast and accurate. The service has been great, keep up the great work and i will continue to spend money. Thanks Beau Parsons

Good Service and Fast Shipping

I had an order that was taking a while to receive, so I called LRS about it. First, within two button presses, I was talking to an actual PERSON, who assured me that my parts were backordered as of that day, a Monday, but should arrive by that Thursday or Friday. True to his words, the package arrived Thursday. I placed another order early in the morning on that Thursday. My package was delivered the very next day! I have been very satisfied with LRS and will continue to upgrade my '02 Mustang GT through them. --Jerard Parker, Shiner, TX

hats off to Brian and Mike at latemodel.

You guys, by far, have some of the best customer service that I have had compared to any local shop that I have been to. I had recently purchased some 17x9 and 17x10.5 FR500's from you guys and was informed that they are on backorder. No big deal. I have called and yall were busy so i left a message and everytime, when you say your going to call back, you've been good by your word. Brian and Mike hats of to you. Keep up the good work. You've got a customer as long as I'll own a mustang. In other words customer for life. Thanks 50 resto.


u guys are awsome

You guys are awsome!!!! Im in the process of restoring an 83 mustang GT right now and there is a lot of work still to be done. But you guys are making it very easy for me to start getting this car finished the way I want it. Thank you very much.

Very fast shipping!!

This was the fastest shipping I have ever experienced with an on-line retailer! Large selection of parts, easy to find exactly what I needed. Will do business again.

Great service

I have been ordering through other companies until last Arpil I saw a LRS catalog at a friend house. They have everything from a simple rubber bumper to a supercharger. Service is fast and shipping to PR is affordable. And second day is second day.

Thanks for a great service!


Really appreciate your help today! It's why I buy from your company over Summit and Texas Mustang.



Excellent! Received my order in 2 days as advertised. All parts were correct.


Mustang orders

I have been ordering parts for my fox body Mustangs for years. i have always been happy with your parts and service. You always have a large array of parts and your website is eay to navigate through and order from. I recommend you guys to everybody.


Can not complain one bit.. Did the whole order process online, was kept informed of progress with emails including UPS shippiing numbers. Parts were correct to description and worked perfectly.. Definitely reccomend and will do business again in the future!!

Interior parts

Great part and fast shipping,How can you beat it?

Excellent All Around!

I was hesitant about doing internet business, but after my first encounter with your company, I am a loyal customer!
I appreciate your order entry people who put my initial fears to rest. The follow-up is very refreshing. And now to have you sponsor my 'Net Family', just reinforces my loyalty.
I don't give many unqualified endorsements, but you folks have earned mine!
Thank you!

Great service

I ordered a new power windows motor for my 95 Mustang GT and it fit perfectly and works great! I went for a year with my window not working I wish I didn't wait so long. I will be buying more parts to fix up my older stang!

Great Service

You guy's have been Great to deal with! I have receemeded you to several of my mustang buddies. I will be ordering for you again!

You guys are awesome!


Matthew Martinez

Very impressed

I have ordered several times from Latemodel Restoration Supply. I have always been satisfied with the products I received, and the service provided. Thank you.

This is Awsome

This place is the best. I plan to do more buisness with Latemodel Restoration Supply in the future!


Such a good place to buy parts for my C1500. Ebay cant even compete. Thanks a lot.

Great job 50resto.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I recieved my PAPerformance 3G 200amp alternator very quickly, and it excellent shape. I ordered it 2nd day air, and got it the 2nd day, right on time. I ordered another part from another company at the same time, and still have not received it. You guys are great, and very efficient.

Nothing beats 50resto...

I have been looking for better prices on hard to find parts, and found them. I ordered nothing but your kits and saved my self every bit of $100. Hey i'm 100% sure I will be your client for quite some time. Thank you all, and keep it coming...

Great Site!

This is a great site! I have found just about everything I need. I just bought a 1989 Mustang LX and can't wait to restore it to mint condition. I feel like a kid in a candy store... I want EVERYTHING!!!

One stop shopping that can't be beaten

Simply put, you guys / gals are the greatest. No other place on the internet carries as many products for maintaining the Mustang as you do. This is the best place to come to for all of my restoration needs for my 1989 Mustang.

My 89 stang GT

I have a 1989 Mustang GT 5.0, 25th Anniversry car. You have every thing I need for my car. Its great to have a place I can trust to allways ship the right part. Thanks for being reliable. John R. Dean

Prompt service

Thank you very much for prompt service and great quality product.

shipping and service

The customer service is outstanding! My parts were shipped the next day and recieved in 3 days with standard ground delivery. Great Job and thanks for a great parts catalog.

Ozzy 5.0

I purchased a 1987 5.0 in a mess some years ago. There is a lot of 60s Mustang muscle down under but mid 80s Mustang parts in Australia, forget about it! Fortunately the guys at Latemodel Resto have been there every step of the way as I slowly breath life back into this American Classic Down Under. Professional and prompt. Thanks boys. Darren

1990 weather strip

Rec. weather strip and door striker bushings. When doors are closed, they sound as if the car was sitting on the lot at the dealer waiting to be purchased!!!!!

Better than OEM!!

I just bought a '90 Mustang GT to go with my '85. I'm a Ford-Lincoln-Mercury parts manager. I can't get half this stuff from Ford and can't afford their prices on the rest. Keep up the good work!!

'91 Mustang Parts

I am restoring my 1991 Ford Mustang GT and was looking for a Fuel Tank Filler Neck Grommet. I thought the search would be easy enough because it was a simple part. However, the search wasn't easy. I checked with the local ford dealer as well as all the local auto parts stores, napa, auto zone, etc., and no one was able to help me get the part I needed, niether did they have any suggestions on a way to locate the part. I also checked a dozen different on-line parts stores and they still didn't have what I was looking for. When I wrote them asking for help they couldn't help me or give a suggestion on finding the filler neck grommet. After I googled about the part, I stumbled across your site and finally, after I thought I was never going to find that grommet, I found it on your site. And I've also found many other parts that I need. In the future I will only use your site for all my parts needs. Thanks.

ur the best!!

I'm only 15 and i have bought a lot of parts from you guys already and i love your guys quality of guys have everything i need and want....thanx so much!! i'll order alot more for along time to come!! i have never been unsatisfied with you guys keep up the work for many years to come!!

good stuff

I have been driving and owning Mustangs for around 8 years or so, and I gotta say, the first time I heard about someone actually making aftermarket resto parts for my beloved Stang, I couldnt believe it. Another step in the right direction for our Fords. Thanks for the parts and good luck with your site.

Humberto Valdez
McAllen TX

fast shipping

i send it by snail mail and got it it in 9 days i will be shopping he agian


All I can say is, I love Latemodel Restoration Supply. When I need a part, you got it. When I need advise, you have the people that can help with the information I needed.


This is the best sites i have found for part for my stang by far! Cant wait to start using it!


I just ordered a set of front fenders and a front bumper just want to say thanks for getting my stuff shiped quick and its not damaged Ryan

Awesome Service!

You guys are the best! If I ever need ANYTHING for my mustang I know I can count on you guys to have the parts. Thanks for being the best mustang restoration site on the web!


1989 Resto

I am restoring a 1989 Mustang GT and without 5.0 Resto that would be impossbile. I am pleased with your prices, fast shipping, and quality of your parts. Thanks for all your help.

You guys are awesome!

You guys are awesome! I just bought a '90 Mustang GT to go with my '85. I'm a Ford-Linc-Merc parts manager. I can't get half this stuff from Ford and can't afford their prices on the rest. Keep up the good work!


very good service,and fasr,in 2 days i gat it,keep it up,welldone thats the way to run the bussiness thank you again,and i will definetly recomend anybody about you people.

Best on the Web!

For the last two years I have been restoring my 1988 Mustang 5.0 GT, and everything I needed, I found it thru Latemodel Restoration. Super huge inventory, fast delivery, excellent e-mail follow up, and excellent packaging.

You must try them, and you will see.

Very Impressed

I just want to say that I was very impressed with the items that I received yesterday. Everything was more than I expected as far as packaging goes and delivery times were faster than I had anticipated. All of the items that I had purchased (fender, inner fender, mirrors, lights, grille, etc) were very well packaged and filler put in to where nothing could get damaged. I was also impressed with the quality of the shipping boxes. Heavy duty compared to other places that I have dealt with. I am going to pass the word around about C/K Resto and will be doing my business with you from now on. Thank you, Kevin.


Item as described, fast shipping, a pleasure doing business with. Thanks, Jim Arran


As the fox models are getting older, the parts are getting harder to find, Now I know where to go to find the parts I need quick and affordably! Thanks!

Great service.

I've had a few experiences with 50resto and they've all been positive. Great response time with a knowledgeable staff make for good business. Hard to find parts all on one site. Thanks.

Great Parts!!

This is now the only place that I order parts for my '94 Mustang GT 5.0 due to their great selection and superior service. If you are looking for the right part at the lowest price for great quality, then this is the one site you need!

Grade A service

I ordered a few parts for my Mustang ('89) and my father's Mustang ('94) before Chistmas. The parts for my father's car were going to be a gift to him. After ordering the parts, a customer service person called to make sure I knew that I had ordered parts for 2 different models. That gave me a good feeling that I had someone looking out for me.

thanks for the great products

Hello, I own 6 mustangs and I tinker with all of them. I buy many parts and had 2 big companies I ordered from often but shipping was always slow!!!! I picked up your cataloqs at the 40th mustang show, was frustrated with slowness from others so tried yours.price was half of what I expected and order only took 3 days, just wanted you to know you have a new loyal customer, thanks for the great products

"What Was & Still Is"

50resto provides any kind, type, style part that you could possibly need for your stallion. I've been ordering parts for two years solid, and they've never let me down. Their honest and loyal. If its restoration, they've got it. If its styling or performance, well they've got that too. Thanks 50Resto, thanks...

Mustang Parts

I have been very pleased with all the products that I have ordered from you all. I enjoy looking through the catalog and finding new things that I need to restore my 89 Mustang Convertible GT. I will be ordering more from the catalog real soon. Thank you very much.

show my 89 mustang

when are going to put my 1989 Mustang GT. I love your parts I order from you all the time. Thanks John

Thank you

Good products and great service - you can't ask for any better.

you da man!

If you have a 89-98 CK Pickup this your site and catalog is a must! I cannot believe the parts you have available. Plus the people are great and extremely helpful.
I'm a customer for life. Thanks!

Good service

I recived everything I wanted intact and in good time I had one part on back order and you kept me informed I will purchase here again and thanks

ACC carpet

These guys are awesome! Great service, prices better than ebay. And an actual company too! Cant beat em.

Highly Recommended

Latemodel Restoration Supply has helped me so much bring my Mustang back to life. All OEM parts at a great price and more! Best place to buy goodies for my car, a give this company a solid 2 thumbs up! Thank you Latemodel Restoration Supply!

You guys rock!

Searched all over for the proper emblems for the ass end of my 79 mustang hatchback. You had them BOTH, and ALOT less money than the one emblem I did find elsewhere.
Between that, and the friendly sales staff and quick shipping, what's there to say except THANKS!!!!!
I'll be back!

Your doing wonders for our corral!!!

My boyfriend and I have 3 mustangs...'91, '92, and '93...No matter what it is we can find anything on your site! Thanks for making our lives easier!

to cool

i just recived some headlights that i orderd from you and there just like dealer items . But like a milllion times cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys rock keep up the good work and keep the prices down

Lights & Shocks

I was debating on whether or not i wanted to buy some lights and shocks from you'll, but heard so many good things that I decided to take a chance. So I ordered the parts and they were scheduled to come in within 3 to 4 day. However, they came in the next day after I ordered it. I was so happy with the results and the quality.... I now have my place to order all my parts with all the trust in the world. THanks Latemodel Restoration!!

Your customer for life,

4 Years without a Problem

My first resto-mod started 4 years ago and should be complete by April, finally. I've bought many items for the car from 50Resto and have never been disappointed. Even returns are handled better than anyone else, tho I've had few. You guys know how to take care of a Mustang fanatic!



Great Experience

I have ordered many mustang parts for my 5.0 restoration and the parts are shipped fast even when backordered. Highly reccomended.

By far the best

I've been ordering from this company for a couple of years and I have nothing but great things to say about them. I recently replaced the carpeting in my '93 LX hatchback. I never thought I'd be able to find the rare "opal grey" carpet (only available in 1993) but there it was and I just had it installed today. Unreal!! It fit perfect and looks BETTER than new!! I'm slowly restoring my entire interior and I wont even think of ordering from anyone else. Great site, great prices, never a problem, unbelievable selection of parts... what else can you ask for?? If you cant find it on this site, you dont need it!

Exceeded every expectation

My name is Shelby an on Monday I purchased some parts from your company and I would just like to drop you guys a line and let you know of how you exceeded every expectation I had of your company. I would like to start and say that on the parts I ordered you guys had the best prices hand down compared to all the other company's out there. I used your online shopping cart system and when I wasn't sure if this was the right product I needed to order I called your phone system and one of your reps were able to verify what exactly I needed and they weren't even trying to sell me a bunch of parts that I didn't need. I received the packages via UPS and they came on the 3rd day Wednesday, which totally caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting them until at least Friday. Everything was placed in nice plastic bags and the parts weren't fragile but you all even took the time to throw in so extra paper to make sure everything was nice and snug. Overall I was extremely impressed with the ways I could navigate the website without any errors and how easy it was from start to finish. Today yall earned my business for life, and I will refer yall to anyone I come across.


Very easy to order and shop from the way it is set up.I had no problem in finding what I needed. I will recommend your business to everyone I know.

50resto is the best

50resto is the best, you guys did a great job with my 93 coupe leather interior.


Recommend B.A.M. web site. Great information, friendly people, wide range of interests.


I've placed 3 orders in the last two weeks with you, and plan on making many more in the future. The website is easy to navigate, the selection is amazing, and the orders shipped fast and were all quality parts. You've got everything I need for my 1991 GT Convertible.

Coloring Pages

Hi. I just wanted to thank you fro creating the Mustang coloring pages on your site. My husband has an 83 GT. And his buddy has a 90. We both have 2 little boys one is 3 and the other will be three in 2 weeks. Our little boys LOVE and I mean LOVE Mustangs! SO I printed these coloring pages for them and cannot wait to give them to them! Thanks you so so much!!!


Website was good, Had no trouble finding what I needed.

Everything I need

Everything I need. I don't even try to look anywhere else. I know if it's being made 50resto has it.

You guys are the best

You guys are the best. I just ordered a new top and installed it all by myself thanks to your online instructions. Great navigation and clear explanations of the product. Thanks!!

To you folks at Latemodel Restoration

You guys have alot of the parts I want and/or need for my Mustang. I have checked numerous salvage yards and found none of the parts I needed. your website is easily navigated and very detailed in your inventory descriptions. Thanks for one heck of catalog with factory parts and aftermarket accessories available at my disposal.

Satisfied Customer

When I found this company I felt like I found a pot of gold. The parts stores here in Abilene wants twice the price I pay with you guys. Sometimes I can't find what I need, So I turn to you guys and I am always satisfied.

Website feedback

I am very glad I came across your website, its getting very hard to find the parts i need to get my 89 GT back to it original condition, but thanks to you ( looks like my problems been solved! Thanks a million!


Hey, i'm e-mailing you guys because I just ordered some stuff from your store, and let me tell you, you guys have the best mustangs products and I love your website. I will defenetly order more stuff from your site in the near future to make my 2002 mustang look even better. Thanx....Juan


Your website is excellent; Very well organized and easy to navigate. Thank You.


Service was incredible! Fast shipment, great product, great price. Although the parts I bought were for my old 5.0 that I sold to my neighbor a fews year back, I still have a few more ponies in the horse barn, and I will keep y'all top on my list. Thanks Gary

Thumbs up

I ordered a repro headlight piece and was amazed at the quality. Shipping was also very quick,even when sending a money order. Thumbs up.

Thank you so much

Your website was really easy to use and very helpful. The products were really easy to locate and had helpful descriptions. Thank you so much.

Very Impressive

I ordered parking lamps and sidemarker lights for my 93 Mustang on a Friday morning and received them the following Tuesday in Illinois. Very Impressive shipping Time!!! The reproduction lights were exactly like factore, just missing the Ford emblem. Thanks Wil for helping with my order and ensuring I had my parts in time for the biggest show of the year, White Squirrel Cruisers Car Show in Olney Illinois, home of the white squirrels. All my orders from 50resto have always been shipped in a timely manner and the highest quality. Thanks!!!

Your website

Has improved a lot over time. I used to have problems navigating the site. Today I do not have that problem.....good site.... good job.

Thoughts of site

This is Bryand. I think the site is pretty easy to use. Straight forward and does not take alot of time to load. I like that. All the fancy stuff like graffica are cool, but what really gets me is the load time of the site. I can just say keep up the good work and the great prices. I already prefer you over the others I have bought from in the past based on customer service and price consistency. Thanks again

Web site feedback

I have used lots of websites to shop for Mustang parts in the past and this one by far is the best. I also work for UPS and I'm glad to see that you use us to ship. I hope to have my emblems by 8-13-05 for a car show. Thank you, Russell


You have a wonderful site. Easy to read and exact matches for my 1992 Mustang Convertable . Thanks

Good service

Good service


Really easy to get around. Love it and yall always have the parts I need and the prices i like. Thanks 5.0 Resto.

great web site

i think that you have a great web site and good prices i have bought items from you before and when a mistake was made and my order was not shipped on time you made it good for me thaks for your help i will send you some pics when i am done with my mustang thanks

Mustang lover

I thank the site is very nice. The products have help me rebuild more then 60 persent of my 1990 5.0 mustang. So thank you and keep it coming.

Keep up the great work

Just gotta say you guys have the best Mustang website around. It's the easiest to use and you sell pretty much everything. Keep up the great work and thanks alot.


SWEEEEEEEEET SITE. So much to offer.

Best service

Your site is the tightest ship service, best prices, best selection, and above all, best WEB site,....I want a tee shirt that says "50RESTO" you have them??


Your website is the easiest one I have ever navigated for car products. I will most definitely use you again. Thanks, Whitney.

I will always be a customer!

The service I recieved was awesome and the products are so high quality that I will always be a customer!

You have everything i need

I'm so glad i found this site, you have everything i need to fix my truck now, thank you!

Great company

I just wanted to thank you for providing such a great web site and having such a great company. I have placed two orders and both were handled with great service and prompt delivery service. A company like this is very hard to come by and you guys have it all. I am a very skeptical person when it comes to ordering online and you guys make it so simple. Congradulations on running such a great company and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks, Scott.

Great site

I have order suff for my car a few times from you great service great products keep up the good work. something that other stores that i have orders some parts for my car have is paypal it makes it a little easier to order stuff. Keep up the good work

Satisfied Customer



Dear 5.0 resto , I think Your site is awesome. All the items I look for are easily found on Your site. Even though there are closer small time performance shops in my area , You Guys have the best prices around. Thanks again.


I bought the center console replacement parts for my 93 mustang. They fit great, look great, and the service was outstanding! Thanks 50resto!


When I need stock mustang parts, I wouldn't think to deal with anyone other than 50resto.... these guys are awsome. I've never had to wait on an order and they are always very curtious whenever I call. Go with them and you wont be sorry.

First time customer

Hi,i'm a first time customer using your website made my parts ordering a real treat,your new parts are sometimes cheaper than used parts found on ebay. i'll be checking with you first before i buy on ebay next time.


I'm not sure what your old website was like, but I think your "new" one is the best I've been to as far as the mustang resto/performance sites go. Good job with the site,

Thanks for the great service

Chad, Thanks for the great service over the phone and the time you took to allay my fears about the weatherstrip for my t roof. All the pieces fit perfectly. I had a big smile on my face while I watched my body man install it. Thanks to 5.0. Resto my project is almost done.

Latemodel restoration supply website

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that your website is great!


I do love your web site it has been easy to use and you have a lot of needed parts I hope my paint comes in soon and the rest of the parts I ordered arrives. I have placed three orders with 50resto and I am truly looking forward to getting my parts Summer is coming and the 5.0 is missing the road. Thank you, Dwight. I have told just about everyone I know about your website I hope they give you some business! You guy's are getting all my future business.


This is the best web site I found for my late model stang. I'v been locking for this site for a while. Thank you and you will here from me later, Thank You greatly


This is the first time I have used your website or ordered your products. I had a couple of pages from a 5.0 magazine of your ads, and decided to try the website instead of calling. The site is informative, well laid out, and easy enough for this over 50 guy to navigate around and find items. Assuming this transaction goes smoothly all around, rest assured I will be back for more. Thanks.


Awesome site, glad to see a place that has everything we need to fix up our 5.0's. Now I won't have to search everywhere for parts.

Web page

Great web page, very clear, parts are easy to find in each catagory.


Greatest thing to happen to mustangs since the 5.0. Thanks for giving us an affordable way to restore our 5.0's


Thank you, I made a purchase from you just about a week ago and have received all my order. I didn't recieve exactly what i wanted to. Partially my fault and small enough not to bother paying shipping back you guys. I ordered some interior dye and was happy to see you send the right color, the salesman i worked with helped me get what i needed. In general i am happy with my purchase and will continue to do bussiness with you in the future. Thanks again.


I really liked the website. the photos of all your products promted me to buy from you guys and not someone else.


I recieved my parts today. Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am. Good quality parts, everything I needed. Quick service too. Thanks a bunch. Getting my list ready for the next order.

Prompt service

Thank you for your prompt service about my tracking number this will surely bring me back for business in the future.

Good to go

This is a really good website. It's simple and it has so many parts to choose from. The other websites I have been to have been to confusing and unclear. Adam.

Fast service

To whom it may concern, I just received my order and really appreciate the fast service. Everything was fine and just what I needed, now if I can only find the time to work on my 1985 GT I'll be happy. Thanks again.



Absolutely gorgeous

I just ordered some parts for my 1988 Mustang Lx. I have been fixing it up since I got it 3 years ago. This website is very professionally done and it is so easy to find the parts that I needed. Thankyou for a job well done and I am sure that you will see me again placing orders real soon.


I would like to complement you on a great selection of products. I plan to use your site for my future mustang needs.

Very Good Site

This is my first time visiting your site, With very little problems, found what I was looking for, as I used the search part of your web site which took me to the products for my 87 GT Convertable with the 5.0 HO engine, We got your email address out of the 5.0 Mustang book, enjoyed your site. and the ease of placing an order which is the fastest. I have associated with Ordering over the internet, Including Sears, J C Penny's and some of the bigger companys. Thanks again for your fast service and will be back to your site again.

Great Website!!

Hey Its a great website you have plenty of user friendly controls and the parts are great. I am very happy to business with you.

New website

The new website is great. It's easy to navigate, and ya still got all the stuff I need (plus you're so much cheaper than the local ford dealer; it's stunning). Keep it up.

Thanks for the great customer service

I just wanted to tell you that I received your catalogue today and it's fantastic! Your catalogue will most definetly make finding parts much easier. I am amazed at how big your inventory is! I wish there was a store like yours here. Once again, thank you for your help last week in sorting out the customs brokerage problem with UPS. You people there at Latemodel Restoration do a great job, thanks! There is still much more stuff I will order but, not right now. Lack of funds, you know. Thanks for everything!


I've ordered from you before and I'm very pleased with all you offer it's a great place to purchase things to improve your car. Good job! I'll be sure to recommend you!

Your new catalog!

Hi guys! I received my copy of your new catalog, I just want to tell you that collectively, you guys have done a GREAT job on it! It looks great! If you belong to SEMA, this would be a candidate for best new black and white catalog of the year! Thanks for sending me a copy of it, I appreciate that!


Thanks for sending my order so quickly. I received it on Thursday. Thanks again.

Customer service

Thanks for everything, that is a big part of why I keep coming back to this site. Seems like the company understands the term "customer service". Thanks.


This site is amazing, I am so glad I found it. Not many places to find restoring parts for an 87-93 mustang. Thanks again.


Hi I think your web site is great. It's so great that I just put in a pretty good size order.

Satisfied Customer

Talk about great customer service. You all have it, and i look forward to a great future relationship with the Latemodel Resto team. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!


I really injoy ya'lls site even when im not looking to purchace anything! It was really easy to use and i found every thing i needed! I have a few questions about my mustang and some of the things id like to do to it and
i was wondering who i could email my questions to? Thanks for the help and i apperciate what ya'll have and thank ya'll for having such a great program! Thanks again!

New website

Very user friendly, really liked how you posted the link for the door lock actuator install instructions.


Just wanted to thank you with the help in picking up the correct leather upholstery! It's installed and looks great! Thank you.

This is a great website

In this website you can find parts you wouln't find anywhere else for the price. I love it. And I love my 5.0



Web Site Feedback

I am not sure who I dealt with today but I was just as pleased as always. I ordered a Ttyphoon upper and lower polished intake along with some 24# injectors. The guy was very helpful and got them on next day air for me. Believe it or not we had our club meeting tonight and I informed everyone what service I received. If you knew how many of them have been awaiting for my 90gt to be back on the road you would understand the excitement of the service. I have been waiting 2 weeks to recieve these products from one of your competitors and he still does not have it to ship. Thank you again for actually having true Custome Service!

Cool Site!!

Great products to make my 'Stang look GREAT and stand out from the crowd!! Thanks a million!!

Web Site Feedback

I would like everyone to know i have placed several orders with your company. And it has been 1st class all the way. And my 1993 Limited Edition LX Loves You! Thanks Matt


Very good lots of parts.


Your new website is great! Easily navigable, great descriptions, and I've heard nothing but good things about your customer service. I have just ordered a set of Saddle floor mats for my black '02 V6 Mustang and have no doubt that the product I receive will be top notch. Thank you for your help in this matter, and you can expect my business in the future!

Awesome Website!!

I think this website is awesome. It gives me the opportunity to restore my 1990 5.0. I love it. I have been into mustangs since I was 6 years old. I had a 1998 4.6 but someone slammed into me totaling out my Abigail a few weeks ago. She was beautiful. She was black inside and out. Anyways thank you so much for this website. It's time to start spending!!


Thanks for the long time great service the support for militry folks over seas is unmatched the orders that i have placed have all been recived in excellent time. thanks again.


I would just like to let you that I received your my order. I would like to say thank you once again for all your help. Also, thanks for the catalog. I will be ordering more parts very soon. I really enjoy your web site. It is very user friendly and provides great information. Thanks again

Great site

Well i would just like to say that this is one of the best if not the best site, i just purchased a 1993 mustang lx and theres just so much that i want to do to my car and when i found your ad in this mustang megazine that i
bought your site just have everything that i need i don't have to keep jumping from site to site looking for this part and that part, i just want you to know that you have just found a customer for life.

Great stuff

You all at LRS really have some great stuff and your attention to the third and fourth generation Mustang is greatly appreciated.


I've visited a few other Web Sites while trying to shop online for some parts, and your site is by far the best I seen yet. It was really easy to decide with all of the clear pictures of all of your parts. The other sites I visited either did not have any photos, or were very unclear. The information given on the parts were also brief, making me turn away from them. I went online searching for just one part, but ended up buying 4 parts because I felt so comfortable with your site and the follow-up info given on each part. Keep up the good work! I'll be shopping for more parts for my cobra on your site!

Website info

I thought your website was very organized and easy to use. You guys did good.

Web Site Feedback

I have purchased parts from your buisness before and I just love the wounderful customer service and prompt service your company gives. Thank you.

Web Site Feedback

I'm not sure how often people tell you this, but for Mustang owners, you people have been a God send!!! Almost all the parts needed to rebuilt a fox or SN95 can be found easily and quickly through your website. I've noticed a lot of changes over the past year on your website and I just wanted to let you people know that you are doing a GREAT job!!! Keep up the good work. A VERY happy 5.0 customer.

Web Site Feedback

Just thought I'd let you know the parts I ordered for my conv. top were shipped in a timely manner and in good shape .I just got them put on wed. and they worked great ,perfect fits. And the prices were fair . I look to send you more of my business in the future. Thanks.


This site is great, I found parts here that others don't carry and the prices are the best I found on the internet. Thanks, I just made my 1st order today!

New web site

New web site is easy to use, its easy to find things. we like it very much and will continue to order from you guys.


Your website is fantastic.

Web Site Feedback

The layout of the Website is very easy to navigate. The item I needed were very easy to find, and checkout was a breeze. Thank you.

Awesome web site

Your new web site is very cool. Everything was easy to find and very descriptive. Thanks.


Your company has alot of "lifesaver" parts and you run them at awesome prices. Keep up the good work. I'm sure there are alot more cool things to come that are in the making. You definitely will be getting some more business from me as I rebuild my car. Thanks.




Excellent website! I found everything I was looking for and more! It is one of the best late model mustang websites around! Thanks look forward to continued business.

Your website

I love your web site. Its very user friendly and easy to navigate. I've been looking all over for a devote mustang site for parts and accessories. Hopefully this order turns out great cause I'm needing a ton more for my ride and I'd prefer to have only one place to have to look.


I was very fortunate to see your add in 5.0 Mustang magazine. I pulled up your website and found parts that I have not been able to find anywhere else as convenientely and at your prices. Your selection is awesome! I cannot comment on your service yet as I haven't received my first sizable order. If it is as good as your website, I don't think I will have anything to worry about.

Great webpage

I love your web page... Everything is simple and well organized, and
that's what I look for when buying items off of the internet. I plan on
doing more business with you in the near future. I recently wrecked my car
and I needed to get a set of headlights and a new grill asap for the body
shop. I found great prices on smoked headlights (I love the look... My 99
had clear headlights) and a Mach 1 grill delete kit. I think my car should
look better than ever when I'm done with it.


i really like your website.

Customer service

I just spoke with Jonathan in customer service about my internet order. Please tell him that he is cool and very polite. Thanks.


The sight is top notch!!!. I could easily find catagories & parts . Its nice to find an online dealer thats got it all...!

Web Site Feedback

Just wanted to tell you how much I love the service you guys give. Keep up the excellent service and I hope that in the future that you will offer products on Ebay. Thank You.



Your NEW Site

I think your new site is dominant. I found the things I wanted and know where to look in the future. My 89 Gt sure loves this site too!


Hello, i think you will be happy to hear that i am very impressed with your website, product selection, and prices. i have done a lot of searching to find a company for "restoration parts" for my 89 5.0 and you are by far the best. I will definately come back to you for all my resto needs.

Web Site Feedback

I'd like to thank all of you at LRS. My father and I are restoring a 1991 Mustang GT and your website is fantastic. You guys have all the parts were looking for and your prices are excellent. I recently E-mailed requesting a catalog I can't wait until it comes. Hopefully it's as good as the website. We have already ordered some parts from you and they arrived in no time at all. Thank you for the superb service.

New fan

Thank you so much. I will be ordering my covers soon from you company. I also will be ordering other part from you as well due to your timely response. Again, thank you for you time.

Web Site Feedback

Actually id like to let u know that i heard about yall from both 'Muscle Mustang'and '5.0 Super Fords. Since the first day I got my stang I bought every single little piece i needed from yall and havent been disappointed at all! A few pieces I have bought are a 4in. cowl hood, saleen spolier, 6 pc. clear headlight kit,Kool kit,GT Front bumper cover,weatherstripping kit and many more small things(too many to list!). And the quality of these parts has been exceptional. I have no complains at all, and would also like to comment on your service. I have takin a trip up there to Waco to visit your grounds and was greeted with utmost courtesy. Heck, even as i was leavin,after picking up my hood, i was greeted by a man giving me and my mom 2 free t-shirts(by the way they look awesome). Well anyway, my mustang is in the process of getting painted and will be ready August 14th. I have a page at cardomain at which i post my project and update the pics everyday almost. I was wondering if you might be interested in using my stang as a feature ride on your site or whatever. I have no problem with this and would be honored. I will definetely have the pics up August 14th for everyone to see the day i get it back. I was just wanting to thank you for helping me through this project and supplying me the parts I needed. Good luck to all of yall and the business.

I think of your website

Very nice , fast and easy navagation , the search returned exactly what i was looking for , A +++.


Very nicely done. will do business with you in the future.

Web Site Feedback

I just want to thank all at 5.0 Resto for your help ingetting the parts that I have needed. Your a very good dealer and I do plan on ordering more parts in the future. Thanks again.


You guys are the best 5.0 parts place anywhere, you have the best prices and the biggest selection, many people claim things like this, but I have often shopped at multiple places online and at stores and you are 90% or better the cheapest. You nearly always have the parts I need, and your website is easy to navigate and use. I have had to return a door lock actuator and I got to speak with a real person who promptly sent me a new one, free of charge.


The new website works great and is easy to use, good job.

Your new web site

Hi, just wanted to say your web site is fantastic, the selection of stuffyou have is great, I cant find some of that stuff anywhere else!! I haveonly known about you for like 2 months and I have already ordered over $600.00 worth of stuff!! Love the site, love the products, looking forward to doing lots more business with you guys!!


I received my order right on time! I opened the box and set my new "Black" Cobra embroydered floor mats into my '97 Cobra. I started kicking myself immediately because I realized that my carpet is in fact "Graphite". I guess I should have asked! I called the sales desk and they told me you would be happy to exchange the Black mats for Graphite. I have packed them up and they will be returned to you via UPS. Thanks for the help! I am placing another order with you guys soon, so chaulk up another repeat costumer!


Your website is convenient and easy to navigate. Viewing my shopping cart and returning to shopping is quick and easy too.


I see alot of other part supplier's web sites flying little flags and touting how they "support the troops". Yeah, just try getting them to ship anything overseas. Not only did you guys ship me the parts, but quickly and free of charge. Now that is what I call support. Look forward to more orders from me.

Web Site Feedback

You guys are great. I get all my resto parts from you.

Web Site Feedback

Hello, There was a thread about you guys in the Corral forums and I was reminded about your quality. Just wanted to let you know, with all the crappy service out there in many companies now, it's great to have a company that offers good prices, good quality products, and excellent and knowledgable customer service. A combination seemingly near absent in the marketplace today.

what i think of web site

totally awesome always


It is very easy to find goodies on your website and you have a good selection, thank you.


Recently I sent for your 03 catolog , awsome stuff man , I own a 85 GT and as you know there is'nt a lot of resto parts out there, until I found your catolog.I can almost restore the whole interior of my car( cool)Keep up the good work guys!


Thank you very much!! It's customer service like this that just guaranteed you many future purchases on my part. Thanks again!


Thanks for my weatherstripping kit, i recieved it yesterday by UPS, already installed it. Will be ordering more stuff soon.

New website

Love the new site, great products fair prices, what more could ya ask for.

Web Site Feedback

I live in California where mustang parts are as rare tumbleweed rolling through Los Angeles. When a friend told me about you guys and gave me peek at his catalog, I nearly had a heart attack. Just want to say thanks for the fast delivery of my orders and your large inventory of mustang parts.

Great site

Well I just wanted to say you guys have a very very nice web page, i found what i was looking for, i went to a swap meet during the summer, and the price on the things that i just baught from you guys were of the wall with the other guys,so much more money for the same thing, so again thank you for your site, i just wanted to say i have a 1988 mustange 5.0 GT it has a 1976 lincolen enegin 460 bb and a c-6 trans, i should have this all set up soon, i will send some pics to you guys over there again thanks very much, keep up the great work.