1993 Ford Mustang - Harris Lue

My car is a '93 Mustang Lx that i bought for $700 a year ago. Its currently running with a 2.3L 4-cyl engine with the manual transmission, but the plans for a 5.0 are being put into effect. I am only 17 years old and all of the work has been done by me and my dad on countless weekends over the past year. We have redone most of the interior starting with '04 v6 bucket seats,new floor mats and hatch carpet,sony Xplod cd player, pioneer amp and NOS8(nos bottle) bass tube to make the hatch rattle and turn a few heads. We started on the outside with pony badges from a '96, new headlights with clear sidemarkers, custom painted pony wheels from a '91 gt, and a custom LUE '83 gt hoodstripe and scoop. We've also done a few things under the hood with a cold air intake, performance clutch, new radiator, dual exhaust with stainless steel mufflers and stainless exhaust tips. The cars nickname is the "Calypso" (due to the unique Calypso Green paint) and it is still a W.I.P(work in progress) but the next thing on the list is a 5.0 engine swap so i can really lay the hammer down on some "CRAP"maro butt.

Harris Lue's 1993 Ford Mustang