1996 Ford Mustang GT - Charles Henry

Ever since I was in the second grade I wanted this Mustang, not the same year make and model, but THIS VERY ONE. My neighbor was the original owner and I always admired it as I left or came home. 10 years later LOL I noticed the car just sitting in his driveway and caught him outside one day. So I stopped and asked him if it was for sale, he told me yes and I preceded to ask more questions, how many miles are on it, what's wrong with it ( Which was nothing at all! ) If it's Standard or Automatic. and finally now much he wanted for it. $3000 DOLLARS! The car was 100% original when I bought it off of him, and has since been slowly molded into the car you see today. Funny thing is, someone came over the very next day and offered him 3000 cash, and he told them it was already sold :D

As for the upgrades and all that stuff. I got some 17" Cobra's with regular Mustang inserts off a buddy of mine for 200 bucks and my stock wheels :D

Smoked head lamp and turn signals

10,000K HID's

Sequential brake, turn, and hazards.

Tinted windows 5% rear quarters and rear glass, 35% drivers and passenger windows.

Reverse glow gauges

Painted the center body line of the hood down to the top of the bumper below the Pony gloss black.

Rear spoiler painted gloss black

Calipers painted red

Tokiko Shocks, Struts and springs with a 1.25" Drop

Steeda Cobra front control arms

UPR upper and lower rear control arms and UPR Caster camber plates purchased from you guys :D

and a BBK off road X-pipe with Flowmaster Delta 40's

There's still much more I want to do to my Mustang. It's my pride and joy and I wouldn't sell it for anything. This car will either be totaled or stolen before it's no longer in my possession. I'm also currently saving up some money to buy two 17" deep dished Cobra's for the rear.

The first picture is what she looks like now. The second is what she looked like 3 years ago.

Charles Henry's 1996 Ford Mustang GT